Fernando Guerrero B.

I'm Fernando Guerrero B.

Security + Art Specialist

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I am passionate about information security, coding, and about enhancing processes. I love what I do and I am in continuous evolution. It is in my bones and soul to keep studying and researching, so learning new things is an everyday challenge for me. I'll be glad to help or work with you anytime, just drop me a line and I'll get in touch ASAP.

Skills & Languages

C|CISO - EC-Council 100%
CIW Master Designer 100%
Web Programming 90%
Information Security 90%
Software Infrastructure 95%
Risk Management 95%
NER-CIP & ISO27000 95%
Project Management 90%

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Spanish 100%
English 99%
German 70%
Italian 80%

Work Experience

2019 - today

ICS Cybersecurity Architect

Airbus Cybersecurity

ICS Cybersecurity R&D and R&T

2017 - 2019

Cybersecurity R+D

Corporación Eléctrica del Ecuador CELEC EP

Systems Security Audit, vulnerability assessments, SCADA security solutions prototyping, cybersecurity framework proposal, cybersecurity projects management. Industrial systems protection. Research, development and innovation in cybersecurity for the electricity sector.

2017 - today

Coordinador Nacional Ecuador

Centro de Ciberseguridad Industrial

Industrial Cybersecurity research and development.

2009 - 2017


Corporación Eléctrica del Ecuador CELEC EP

Manage the Corporate Information Security Project for the whole Energy Industry in Ecuador. Establish the Information Security Strategic Plan, which includes the strategy for the energy industry in Ecuador and also the creation of a Latin American Alliance for Information Security in the Energy Industry. Define policies, and coordinate the definition and implementation of guidelines and processes for Corporate Information Security Manage the Information Security Team. Plan and coordinate internal Information Security Audits.



Corporación Eléctrica del Ecuador CELEC EP

Manage all implementation, innovation, improvement, standardising and strategy processes in the Information Technology and Communications (ITC) field. Align all technology investments to our Corporate's Strategic Objectives. Create policies and guidelines for ITC. Supervise corporate ITC projects and processes. Generate innovative solutions for the core business. ITC Leader for the project: Management Model Improvement for the Ecuadorian Energy Sector. Executive sponsor for our Private Cloud project. Corporate's Information Security Project Manager. Corporate's Network reengineering Project Manager. Unified Communications Project's Executive Sponsor.

Aug 2011 - Oct 2011


Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador

Project management professor for the Master’s in Information Technology program.

2010 - up to present


Stonebaum S.A.

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Sept 2007 - Feb 2009

Scientific Assistant

Friedrich-Alexander Universitaet Erlangen-Nuernberg

Scientific Computing Tutor and Scientific Assistant for the Chair of Computing Graphics and Multimedia. Study plan system development for the Masters in Computational Engineering in PHP-MySQL y AJAX.

Jul - Aug 2007

Post graduate working student

Siemens - Germany

Power, automation and control department’s technical documentation translation from german to English and Spanish.

April 2004 - Nov 2009

Scientific Assistant

Corporación Eléctrica del Ecuador CELEC EP

Implement a new generation SCADA/EMS system for the Transmission Control Center. Implement the ERP system. Information Security Officer for the Power Transmission Business Unit and then for the whole Corporation.

Jan - April 2004

Support Engineer


End user technical support engineer.


2010 - 2011

Magister, Strategy and Innovation Management

Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona

2007 - 2009

Master of Science, Computational Engineering

Friedrich-Alexander Universitaet Erlangen-Nuernberg

1999 - 2003

Systems and Computing Engineer

Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador


  • Fernando is a professional in the ITC field, with great working capacity, responsible, detailed oriented and leadership. He has the initiative and creativity needed to conceptualise and implement any new project.

    Rafael Melgarejo PUCE

My Interests

I have a keen interest in art (painting and writing). I also love studying, playing basketball, and cooking.

  • Arts (music & painting)
  • Bicycling
  • Watch Movies
  • Basketball
  • Shopping
  • Cooking
  • Swimming
  • Picknicks

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